aboutWith the town being named after one of the Philippines’ greatest generals, Miguel Malvar, one will not be surprised of what other interesting things he/she can learn about and experience in Malvar.

Malvar is a second class municipality situated in the northeastern part of Batangas. This town, which is politically subdivided into 15 barangays, is in the 3rd Congressional District of the province.

The town’s former name was Luta, from the moniker of a Dayang-Dayang and the youngest daughter of Datu Bunga, a descendant of Datu Puti, the chief of the tribe. After escaping from Sultan Makatunao of Borneo, Datu Puti settled in what is now Batangas province.

Malvar officially became a municipality on January 10, 1919. It is now dubbed as the Home of Nata de Coco Festival and is a welcoming town to anyone who would plan to visit and create meaningful discoveries.